group-banner-image The Next Level Mastermind Group is designed for women who desire to be around like minded entrepreneurs/solopreneurs who also took the leap of faith to pursue their dreams. During this 12 month program, you have the opportunity to establish new positive relationships and create a personalized Next Level Action Plan to support your business goals.  By joining this group, you will receive monthly action packed business strategies to support your personal and professional growth. How Does This Program Work:
  • You will receive a Welcome Packet with a workbook and Program Guide
  • Then you will schedule your one-on-one Power Hour session with me so we can collaborate to establish your personalized Next Level Business Plan
  • After each your plan is developed, you will then be introduced to your group members.
  • Each month you will receive monthly topics of discussion and training, as well as participate in our Monthly Group Call to discuss any challenges and/or share resources.
  • Each quarter, I host a local fun packed Meet & Greet for all group members to meet
  • By the end of the program, you should have not only grown your business but established new friendships along the way.

"Surround yourself with people who are only going to take you higher." - Oprah Winfrey

Group Coaching is for you if:
  • You have a desire to be around other like minded women who understand the entrepreneurship journey
  • You are seeking a safe, creative space to share your business ideas and gain feedback
  • You are committed to growing your business but prefer a less expensive alternative to coaching services
  • You are interesting in being an environment that fosters ongoing learning and resources
Benefits of this Program:
  • You will be surrounded by like minded women who can serve as additional support to you as you continue to grow your business
  • You will have access to not only my personal business coaching resources, but also be surrounded by women who can share their tools with you as well
  • You have the opportunity to establish long term relationships with people who "get it" and understand the entrepreneurship journey
  • You will receive monthly 60 minute Group Coaching sessions to discuss key topics to help grow your business
  • You will receive monthly email support, business tips, as well as business exercises to help grow your business
  • You will receive a personalized Business Marketing Plan and Workbook to keep you motivated
  • Unlimited Access to Group Chat forums for additional support
Have questions about this session? Please check the following FAQ or feel free to contact me if you have any questions not answered.
Money Back Guarantee
I pride myself in offering the best services to my clients and my ultimate goal is to ensure you get real results.  If you are not satisfied with your results after working with me for 3 months, you are eligible to receive a 100% refund.
What Is the Cost for the Program?
The Group Program costs $497/per month.  Payments for the program are due on the 15th of each month and clients have the option to opt in/out of the program at any time.  Please note there are limited slots for the group program, as I like to keep them as close knit and intimate as possible so that members truly have the opportunity to get to know each other.
Do You Offer Payment Plans?
Due to the nature of the Group Program, I do not offer payment plan options.  Payments for the program are made monthly and you have the option to opt in/out of the program at any time.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at
How Do I Sign Up?
Before starting the coaching services with me, I ask that all clients sign up for a free 30 minute Next Level Strategy session.  The session allows for us to connect and learn more about each other,  It also assists with determining whether the group program is a good fit for you.  Applicants must also submit a short survey to assist in the selection of the group. 


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