My name is Agnes Pagan and I am a Career and Business Coach who helps women define their life’s mission to create impactful and purpose driven careers and businesses.

  I am a firm believer in Barbara Stanny’s quote, “A Powerful women is one who knows who she is and chooses to express that in the world.” My primary goal as a Coach is to empower women to own their uniqueness and use their gifts to sky rocket their careers paths, whether that is by advancing within their current companies, changing career paths, and/or choosing to pursue entrepreneurship. See I understand how difficult it is to take the leap to pursue your true passion.  For years, I worked in an industry that I enjoyed but I knew deep down inside it just was not going to be fulfill me in the long term, but I did not know how to get out.  I felt stuck, so I committed to it anyway and spent countless hours working to meet goals, only to find that it was never enough!  I found myself feeling burnt-out and feeling like it was all a waste of timeThe Monday Blues were a never ending feeling and countdowns to the weekends were non-existent because I worked on the weekends.  It felt like that never ending bad relationship, where you break up with your boyfriend but you keep getting back together even though you know deep down inside, he’s not “the one”. I found myself waking up angry regularly and upset this was what my life had become.   Right now, you are probably frustrated and tired of feeling disappointed with your current situation, but you’re not really sure how to change it.  You are sick and tired of just working a job to pay bills and want something more meaningful for you life.  You are over giving the politically correct, “work is going great” response when people ask you “how are things going at work?”, when really you are OVER it and have been secretly planning your escape strategy for years.

But it takes courage to make the leap to pursue your dreams!  It’s scary to leave your comfort zone and do something you may have never done before but just ask yourself, “Is this the legacy I want to leave behind?”  Do you want to be known as the woman who always played it safe and let life drag her around OR do you want to own your power and be the woman you know God created you to be?