A famous writer once said, “Progress is impossible without change.”  I believe these words speak volumes.  While each of us resists change now and then, it plays a huge part in our life’s journey.  For years, I struggled with embracing the idea of what felt like a drastic career change.  After investing 7 years in not one, but two Psychology/Counseling degrees, I felt absolutely crazy when I made a decision to “take a break” from the field and transition into a Community Relations/Sales role.  But the truth was, after finishing my graduate program, completing an internship, and working a full-time Social Services Case Manager role – I was burned out!  


I took a leap of faith, packed my bags and moved to another city to transition into a field I had limited knowledge of.  Little did I know that my one leap of faith would later change the trajectory of my career.  My one year “break” turned into eight years of continuous career advancement and another relocation.  Needless to say,  I learned the art of the business and fell in love with Sales and Marketing.  However, I always felt like something was missing.  


There I was at the top of my game, “living my best life” as they say, but yearning for something more.  I thought reengaging with my Counseling experience would help me fill that void so I opted to work part-time as a Therapist and launched my online coaching practice to provide general life coaching services, but that wasn’t it either!  Then one day, a good friend of mine said something that sparked a fire in my spirit.  She said, “Agnes, why don’t you do what you’ve already been doing for others for free?”  It may sound foolish now, but the truth was I did not recognize what I was doing because I was operating in my natural gifts (a.k.a my norm).   At that time, I had several former colleagues in the process of launching their own businesses who had reached out to me for support to create branding and sales strategies.  Given that I love Sales/Marketing related conversations, I would often spend hours guiding them through the process of creating systems and strategies to grow.  


Less than a year later, I switched gears on my side hustle coaching business and I began offering coaching services for women transitioning into new careers and aspiring entrepreneurs.  The shift made it possible for me to leave my 9-to-5 behind and serve my amazing clients full-time.


Unlike the beginning of my career, I decided not to resist the change and leaned into my gifts and I want to help you do the same thing!  My story may not be your story, but one thing’s for certain – You deserve to live the life that you’ve always desired!  Whether it’s a period of temporary transition, a full-scale shift in gears, or anything and everything in between, having a fresh new perspective always promotes enlightenment and advances in the best possible results.


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